500 Kw Rice Husk Straw Material Biomass Gasification Power Generation Plant

500 Kw Rice Husk Straw Material Biomass Gasification Power Generation Plant

500 Kw Rice Husk Straw Material Biomass Gasification Electricity Era Plant
our biomass gasifier adopt draft-down fastened bed, much more secure, and effortless to operation, can use numerous types of agriculture and forestry as fuel(wheat straw, bark, tree root, rce straw, corn stalks, peanut shells, cotton stalks, rice stems , plastic squander ……..)
our gasification power generation is adopting low temperature. The main advantage
 of draftdown fixed bed is stable and the generating capacity is larger. Meanwhile, 
the tar content is low. The area is small by comparison.
our biomass gasifier can use for a variety of boiler, the biomass gasifier  & gas offer technique can utilized for provide heating for market boiler , business furnace , indurstry dryer
The total system consist of the biomass gasifier, purification technique
biomass gasifier +cyclone dust = provide heating for dryer , boiler , sector furnace
2.biomass gasifier + multisiple purification program =cooking gas
the gasoline much more clear , can be utilized for cooking
three.the biomass gasifier + multistage purification technique +generator=make electrical energy

No Name design electricity(KW) Qty
one feeder SLQ-II 1.five two
2 blender   1.five two
3 hydraulic grate   three 2
four gasifier furnace HQXX-300(Dia2300*H8000) 3 2
5 airlock   .75 one
six h2o bathtub dust collector HQSY-   1
7 oil-drinking water separator     2
8 No.1 filter HQFL-   two
9 No.2 filter HQCL-   2
ten high stress admirer SK-72 fifteen one
eleven drinking water seal HQSF-seventy two   one
twelve No.three filter HQFL-   one
thirteen drying box     one
14 delicate fuel bag     1
fifteen gasoline distributor     one
sixteen circulating water pump SGR1 five.5 1
17 sewage remedy     1
eighteen cooling tower DBNL3-fifty .75 one

Our gasification power technology converts different wastes into electricity ,decreasing pollution because of to squander disposal and producing better of vitality .

The gasification electricity era is made up of feeding equipment , gasifier furnace, cooling technique with filter , oil-drinking water separator , vacuum pump , gas storage bag , pressurization program , dry-type gas tank , strain relief device and fuel pipeline
CZPT security standara:

            Exhaust fuel:The tail gas of fuel engine shall get to the local industrial CZPT following treatment
            Waste drinking water:The cooling h2o shall be trated internally for recycled use,and no waste drinking water will be dis-billed.
            Squander residue:The solid wastes shall be taken care of or reused through harmlessness remedy .No squander residue will be discharged.
            Noise:The area with noise>75 db will be reused to lower sounds affect.
            Smell:The place with scent will be sealed off with unfavorable stress,and the smell will not outflow.

600KW Rice Husk , Bagasse ,Coconut Shell gasification electricity Plant


500 Kw Rice Husk Straw Material Biomass Gasification Power Generation Plant


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