Cbh-G520 Cbh-G525 Cbh-G532 High Pressure Gear Pump

Cbh-G520 Cbh-G525 Cbh-G532 High Pressure Gear Pump

dCBH-G520 CBH-G525 CBH-G532 Higher Force Gear Pump 

1 steady functioning pressure 25MPa

two higher-toughness aluminum alloy shell with forged iron materials for front and back again go over

3 Symmetrical double lubrication environmentally helpful sliding bearing structure

four enter shaft link form has flat key, rectangular spline

five inlet and outlet connections are available in threaded, flanged, and many others.

six Axial clearance computerized payment mechanism allows the oil pump to sustain large volumetric effectiveness for a long time

seven Substantial functioning force and wide speed variety

8 Keep high volumetric efficiency at 600 rpm

Product Displacement Pressure Pace volumetric performance L1 L D Bodyweight
(mL/r) (MPa) (r/min) (≥%) (kg)
  Rated Max Min Rated Max   input oil outlet  
CBH-G520-*F** 20 25 28 600 2500 3000 93 seventy five.7 155 25 20 6.seven
CBH-G525-*F** twenty five seventy seven.5 159 eight
CBH-G532-*F** 32 eighty.five a hundred sixty five 30 eight.3
CBH-G540-*F** forty 83.five 171 35 8.8
CBH-G545-*F** 45 eighty five.five 175 twenty five 9.three
CBH-G550-*F** fifty 87,.5 179 10
CBH-G563-*F** 63 ninety three a hundred ninety 10.8

CBY large-strain triple gear oil pump adopts floating aspect plate composition, that includes substantial efficiency, sophisticated construction, realistic overall performance, high efficiency, reliable doing work overall performance and strong anti-air pollution ability. This solution utilizes a large pressure skeleton oil seal and a substantial stress rubber seal to stop the oil pump from leaking underneath substantial load and substantial strain functioning problems. The substance is manufactured of anti-put on, higher-toughness ductile iron can face up to the higher force load of hydraulic products underneath various operating circumstances to stay away from the event of cracks. It is suited for hydraulic products this kind of as construction machinery, lifting transportation and mining machinery, as a hydraulic electrical power CZPT.
Extensive selection of uses loaders, CZPTs, cranes, drilling rigs, fishing vessels, bulldozers, roadheaders and other fields. This solution has the qualities of sophisticated composition, high efficiency, reliable performance, sturdy anti-air pollution ability and hassle-free servicing. This merchandise adopts higher toughness ductile iron to face up to the large force of hydraulic products under distinct functioning problems. The flange link has a diamond flange and a sq. flange, and the shaft end sort is divided into a flat key, a spline, and an involute spline relationship, and the oil port kind is divided into a single in two out and two in two out. All sizes can be independently modified in accordance to buyer requirements.

High force double pump:
CBGJ1016/1016, CBGJ1032/1032, CBGJ1040/1032, CBGJ1040/1040, CBGJ1040/1032, CBGJ2032/2032, CBGJ2040/2032, CBGJ2040/2040, CBGJ2050/2050, CBGJ2050/2040, CBGJ2063/2063, CBGJ2063/2050, CBGJ2063/ 2032, CBGJ2080/2080, CBGJ2080/2063, CBGJ2080/2050, CBGJ2080/2040, CBGJ2100/2100, CBGJ2100/2080, CBGJ2100/2063, CBGJ2100/2050, CBGJ3160/3100, CBGJ3160/3160, CBGJ3100/3100, CBGJ3140/3100, CBGJ3160 / 3160, CBGJ3100 / 571, CBGJ3100 / 571CBGJ3160 / 0016, CBGJ3160 / 0016, CBGJ2080 / 1016, CBGJ2080 / 571, CBGJ2040 / 571, CBGJ2040 / 0016, CBGJ2060 / 571, CBGJ2063 / 1016, CBZ2063 / 2063, CBZ2063 / 2040, CBZ2100/2100, CBZ2100/2080, CBZ2080/2063, CBZ2063/2050, CBZ2080/2040, CBZ2080/2080, CBZ2050/2050, CBZ2050/2040, CBZ2040/2040, CBZ2040/2032
 Triple gear pump:
CBGJ2063/2050/2040, CBGJ2063/2050/2050, CBGJ2063/2040/2571, CBGJ2050/2050/2571, CBGJ2050/2040/2032, CBGJ2040/2040/2571, CBGJ2063/2040/2032, CBGJ2063/2040/2571, CBGJ2063/ fifty/forty, CBGJ2063/forty/32, CBGJ2032/2032/2032, CBGJ2063/40/twenty five, CBGJ2050/50/forty, CBGJ2050/40/twenty five, CBGJ2050/2040/2032, CBZ2063/2040/2040, CBZ2063/2050/ 2050, CBZ2063/2050/2032, CBZ2063/2040/2040, CBZ2040/2032/2032, CBZ2063/2040/2032, CBZ2050/2040/2032, CBZ2063/2032/2032
     The previously mentioned single pump double pump, triple pump, multi pump can be arbitrarily merged among the versions, only a element of the previously mentioned table can be combined in accordance to person needs.

Cbh-G520 Cbh-G525 Cbh-G532 High Pressure Gear Pump

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