China A4vg Series Hydraulic Pump with OEM

China A4vg Series Hydraulic Pump with OEM

China A4VG Collection CZPT Pump with oem

Brueninghaus Hydromatik CZPT A4VG pump
CZPT variable displacement axial pump A4VG40, A4VG56, A4VG71, A4VG90, A4VG125, A4VG180, A4VG250


Collection 32
Nominal force four hundred bar
Peak force 450
Control device: NV, HD3, HW, DG, DA1, DA2, EP3, EP4, EZ1, EZ2
The A4VG axial piston variable pump in swash plate design and style for hydrostatic shut circuit transmissions
– Circulation is proportional to generate speed and displacement and is infinitely variable
– Output circulation increases with the swivel angle of the swash plate from to its optimum benefit
– Movement route alterations easily when the swash plate is moved by way of the neutral position
– A broad variety of hugely adaptable handle gadgets is accessible for various manage and regulating features
– The pump is outfitted with two strain-relief valves on the high pressure ports to shield the hydrostatic transmission (pump and motor) from overload
– The substantial-force aid valves also function as enhance valves
– The built-in enhance pump functions as a feed and control oil pump
– The maximum increase pressure is constrained by a created-in improve stress aid valve
– The integral force lower-off is CZPT

CZPT Data 
Table of values (theoretical values, without having efficiency and tolerances values rounded)

Dimension A4VG40 A4VG56 A4VG71 A4VG90 A4VG125 A4VG180 A4VG250
variable pump
Vg max cm3 40 fifty six 71 ninety a hundred twenty five one hundred eighty 250
increase pump (twenty bar) Vg Sp cm3 8.6 eleven.six 19.six 19.6 28.three 39.eight 52.five
optimum Vg max
conti.  rpm 4000 3600 3300 3050 2850 2500 2400
minimal greatest constrained rpm 4200 3900 3600 3300 3250 2900 2600
intermittent max. Min. rpm 5000 4500 4100 3800 3450 3000 2700
nmin rpm five hundred five hundred 500 five hundred 500 five hundred 500
ongoing and Vg max
l/min 160 202 234 275 356 450 600
constant Vg max
four hundred bar kW 107 134 156 183 237 300 four hundred
at Vg max
400 bar Nm 255 356 451 572 795 1144 1590
100 bar Nm sixty three.5 89 112.eight 143 198.eight 286 398
Second of inertia JGR kgm2 .0038 .0066 .0097 .0149 .5712 .0444 .0983
Angular acceleration α rad/s2 30000 24000 21000 18000 14000 11000 6700
Filling potential V L 1.5 1.3 1.five 3.1 six.three
Excess weight approx. m kg 31 38 fifty 60 80 101 156


Specifics product of CZPT A4VG pump
R957163240   A4VG125HWD3L/32R-NZF02F071K R957131523   A4VG71DA1D8/32R-NSF02F571BP
R957172787   A4VG28DGDT1/32R-NSC10F045S S R957131609   A4VG125EP4DT1/32R-NZF02F001BP
R957174032   A4VG90HWDT1/32L-NZF02F001S R957131820   A4VG250HD3D1/32R-NZD10F011D
R957180089   A4VG56HWD2/32R-NZC02F003S R957131969   A4VG56EP4D1/32L-NAC02F075SP S
R957181217   A4VG180NVDT1/32R-NZD02F571S S R957133053   A4VG125HD3DMT1/32R-NZF02F001D S
R957185521   A4VG71DA2D7/32R-NZF02F571SP R957133113   A4VG125EP3DM1/32R-NAF02F071DP
R957185522   A4VG125DA2D7/32R-NZF02F571SP R957133354   A4VG125HD3D1/32R-NSF02F571D
R957185703   A4VG71HWD2/32R-NZF02F071P R957134324   A4VG250HD3D1/32L-NSD10F041D
R957185891   A4VG71HWDT1/32R-NAF02K041E S R957134481   AA4VG140EP4D1/32R-NXF63F071DP S
R957188221   A4VG90HWD2/32R-NZF02F071S R957136132   A4VG125HD3D2/32R-NAF02F571S
R957189470   A4VG71DA1D2/32R-NSF02F011PP R957136173   A4VG71DA1D2/32R-NZF02F571SQ
R95719571   AA4VG71NVDMT1/32L-NSF52F001D S R957136204   A4VG125HD9MT1/32R-NSF02F041S S
R957192401   AA4VG180DWD1/32L-NSD52F071D S R957136209   A4VG125EP0MT1/32R-NSF02F571SP S
R957196442   A4VG71DA1D2/32R-NAF02F001DQ R957136259   A4VG125HD9MT1/32R-NSF02XXX1S S
R957199864   A4VG28DGDT1/32R-NSC10K043E R957136267   A4VG140HD9MT1/32R-NSF02F571S S
R957199930   AA4VG250DWDMT1/32L-NSD60F071S S R957136370   A4VG180HD3DM1/32L-NSD02F571D
R957106041   A4VG90HWD1/32R-NAF02F571P R957137498   AA4VG180EP4D1/32R-NSD60F071DP S
R9571 0571 2   A4VG56HWDT1/32R-NZC02F016K R957138600   A4VG180EP4DT1/32L-NZD02F001PP
R957110502   A4VG125DE1D1/32R-NZF02F071FP R957138673   AA4VG105EP3D1/32R-NXFXXF571FC S
R957111154   A4VG40HD3D2/32R-NZC02F571S R957138976   A4VG180HD3DM1/32R-VSD02F001P S
R957111163   A4VG40HD3D1/32R-NSC02F571S R957146055   A4VG140EP4D1/32L-NSF02F001FP
R957111178   A4VG40HD3DT1/32L-NAC02F043D R957146062   A4VG125EP3D1/32L-NZF02F001FP
R957111724   A4VG56EP4DM1/32R-NSC02F571PH R957148231   A4VG40HD3DM1/32R-NSC02F046P
R957111872   A4VG56HD3D1/32R-NSC02F003D R957148350   AA4VG250EP4DMT1/32R-NSD60F001DRP S
R957111873   A4VG56HD3D1/32L-NSC02F005D R957148549   AA4VG250EP4DT1/32L-NSD60F071DRP S
R957111874   A4VG56HD3DM1/32L-NSC02F00XD S R957148574   AA4VG250EP4DT1/32L-NSD60F071DRP S
R957111985   A4VG56HD3DT1/32L-NAC02F043D R957148634   A4VG56HD3DT1/32L-NZC02F003P
R957112689   A4VG90HWDT1/32R-NZF02F571S R957148645   A4VG250EP4DT1/32L-NZD10N001EP S
R957112943   A4VG28DA1D8/32R-NZC10F015DP R957149552   A4VG125EP4D1/32R-NAF02F571SP
R957113140   A4VG71EP4D1/32R-NSF02F011FP R95715571   AA4VG125DGX1/32R-NSF52F69XF S
R957113146   A4VG71EP4D1/32L-NSF02F001PP R957151174   A4VG56DWDT1/32R-NTC02F045D S
R957113204   A4VG71HD3D1/32R-NZF02F001S R957151243   A4VG71HD3D2/32L-NZF02F001D
R957113237   A4VG71HD3DT1/32L-NZF02F041D R957153005   A4VG125EZ2D1/32R-NZF02F001DP
R957113246   A4VG71HD3DT1/32L-NSF02F001D R957153107   A4VG125HWDL1/32R-NZF02F571S S
R957113374   AA4VG71HD3DMT1/32L-NSF52F041D S R957153146   A4VG90HD3D1/32R-NZF02F571F S
R957117080   A4VG56EP4D1/32L-NSC02F571SP S R957153187   A4VG250HD3DT1/32R-NSD10F001D
R957118298   A4VG71EP3DT1/32R-NAF02F071FP R957153216   A4VG125HD3DMT1/32L-NZF02F571F
R957118457   A4VG125HWD2/32R-NZF02F071S R957153228   A4VG90EP4D1/32R-NZF02F001SP S
R957119026   A4VG71EP4D1/32L-NZF02F001SP R957154571   A4VG125HD3DM1/32R-NSF02F041B S
R957119294   A4VG71EP4D1/32R-NAF02F071PP R957154045   A4VG140EP4DT1/32L-NAF02F571SX S
R957119321   A4VG250DA2D2/32R-NSD10F001DP R957154054   A4VG140EP4DT1/32L-NAF02K691EX S
R957120195   A4VG71EP3D1/32R-NSF02F071PP S R957154356   A4VG90EP4DT1/32L-NSF02F001SX S
R957125712   A4VG40EP3D2/32R-NSC02F003PP S R957154366   A4VG71HD3DT2/32R-NZF02F571F
R95712 0571    A4VG125DA2D8/32R-NTF02F071FP R957154520   A4VG180HWD7/32R-NSD02F571S
R957122244   A4VG56EP3D2/32R-NSC02F571PP S R957154798   A4VG90HD3DMT1/32L-NZF02F071S S
R957122404   A4VG71EP4DT1/32R-NZF02F001SP S R957154950   A4VG71EP4DM1/32R-NZF02F001FX S
R957122767   AA4VG90EP4D1/32L-NSF52K571EP S R957155505   A4VG125EP4D1/32L-NAF02F001DP
R957122809   A4VG90HD3DM1/32L-NZF02F07XD S R957155530   A4VG250EP4D1/32L-NTD10F001DP
R957122874   A4VG90HD3DT2/32L-NZF02F571S R957155611   A4VG250EP4DM1/32L-NZD10K073EP S
R957123351   A4VG125EP4DT1/32R-NTF02F071BP R957155647   A4VG250EP4DT1/32L-NTD10F571SP
R957125116   A4VG125EP4D1/32R-NSF02F571DP R957155675   A4VG180EP4DM1/32L-NSD02F00XBP S
R957125209   A4VG125HD3D1/32R-NZF02F001D R957155728   A4VG140EP4DM1/32R-VZF02F001PP S
R957125252   A4VG125HD3D2/32R-NTF02F691P R957155734   A4VG180EP4DM1/32L-NZD02K571EP S
R957125253   A4VG125HD3D2/32R-NSF02F571P R957155773   A4VG250HD3DT1/32R-NSD10F011S
R957125968   A4VG125EP0MT1/32R-NSF02F691SP S R957155815   A4VG56EZ2DM1/32R-NSC02F003FP
R957125975   A4VG140HD9MT1/32R-NSF02F691S S R957155874   A4VG180EP4DT1/32R-NZD02F011SP
R957125976   A4VG125HD9MT1/32R-NSF02F691S S R957155900   A4VG180EP4DT1/32R-NZD02F011DP
R957128419   A4VG250EP4DM1/32L-NSD10K07XEX S R957155941   A4VG180HD3D2/32L-NSD02FXX1P S
R957128426   A4VG250EP4D1/32R-NZD10F001SP R957155968   A4VG180EP4DM1/32L-NZD02K02XEP S
R957128444   A4VG250EP4DT1/32R-NSD10F011DP R957155989   A4VG180EP4D2/32L-NZD02F071DP S
R957128445   A4VG250EP4D1/32R-NSD10F001DP R957157531   A4VG40EP3D2/32R-NZC02F571PP S
R957128461   A4VG250HD3D1/32R-NSD10F571S R957157706   A4VG56DA1D4/32R-NZC02F571SP
R957128467   A4VG250HD3D1/32R-NSD10F691D R957157987   A4VG71NVDT1/32R-NZF02F571S S
R957128469   A4VG250HD3D1/32L-NSD10F001D R957157988   A4VG56NVDT1/32R-NZC02F571S S
R957128479   A4VG250HD3D1/32L-NZD10F001S R957158141   A4VG180EP4D1/32R-NZD02F691SP
R957128480   A4VG250HD3D1/32R-NZD10F001D R957158201   A4VG250HD3D1/32R-NSD10F071D
R957128482   A4VG250HD3DT1/32L-NZD10F001S S R957158365   A4VG90HD3DT1/32L-NZF02F571S S
R957129162   A4VG125HD3DMT1/32L-NZF02F01XD S R957158391   A4VG180EP4DM1/32L-NSD02N003EP S
R957129713   AA4VG180EP4DT1/32R-NSD52F001PP R957158393   A4VG250EP4DM1/32L-NZD10K723EP S
R957129723   A4VG180EP4D1/32R-NSD02F001DP R957159323   A4VG90EP4DM1/32R-NZF02F071SP
R957129761   A4VG180HD3D1/32L-NSD02F001D R957159467   A4VG250EP4DM1/32L-NZD10K07XEP S
R957129764   A4VG180HD3D1/32L-NSD02F571D R957159599   A4VG71HD3DT2/32L-NZF02F571S S
R957129892   A4VG180HD9XMT1/32R-NSD02F011F S R957159612   A4VG90HD3DMT2/32L-NZF02F571B
R957129894   A4VG180HD3DMT1/32R-NZD02K571E R957159633   A4VG250HD3DM2/32R-NZD10F041D
R957129897   A4VG180HD3D2/32R-NTD02F571S R957159671   A4VG250EP4DMTX/32L-NZD10F571DP S
R957129919   A4VG180EP4MT1/32R-NSD02F041SP S R957159695   A4VG90EP4D1/32R-NZF02F001SP
R957129920   A4VG180EP4MT1/32L-NSD02F071SP S R957159726   A4VG180DWDMT1/32R-NSD02F001D S
R957131571   A4VG125EP3D1/32L-NSF10F571DC ES R957159748   A4VG56EP4DT1/32L-NAC02K571EP S
R957131079   A4VG250EP4D1/32R-NSD10F571DP R957159902   A4VG90EZ2D1/32R-NAF02F071BP
R957131364   A4VG250HD3D1/32L-NSD10F071D R957159912   A4VG56EP4DT2/32R-NZC02F571SP
R957131508   A4VG250HD3D1/32R-NZD10F721D R957159944   AA4VG180EP4DMT1/32L-NTD52F071PP
R957131510   A4VG250HD3D1/32R-NSD10F001D R957159979   A4VG180DGD2/32R-NTD02F571S S


China A4vg Series Hydraulic Pump with OEM

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