Double Stage Vacuum Fullers Earth Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant

Double Stage Vacuum Fullers Earth Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant

Double phase vacuum fullers earth transformer oil regeneration plant (ZYD-I)

                                        Double-phase vacuum + Regeneration method

The Oil regeneration technique (Series ZYD-I) has been specifically created for on web site use to entirely regenerate insulating oils in energized or de-energized transformers. The ZYD-I program gives regular oil purification this sort of as degassing, drying and particulate elimination but also can eliminate acidity, sludge, other soluble oil decay merchandise and discoloration. This is completed by the use of substantial vacuum degasification technology and particulate filters blended with our specific brand of earth. After remedy, the oil can be reused as new. For unique software, the technique also can be mounted on a leak evidence base or be installed and operated on a trailer.

1. Apart from the typical vacuum oil purifier’s perform of dewatering, degassing and removing particles, this equipment can regenerate the seriously deteriorated oil by getting rid of the polarity components, these kinds of as the deep oxides, free carbon in the oil successfully. It can make the seriously deteriorated oil reach to the typical index like anti-oxides, acid-alkali water-solubility.
2. For special software, the operation can be controlled by P. L. C (Programmable Logic Controller).
3. Distinctive vacuum dehydration, degassifier, regeneration technique, adopt stereo-evaporation technology, higher successfully take away h2o, gas, particles from transformer oil, improve oil high quality and dielectric power.
4. Duplex 3D stereo-evaporation, reducing the liquid h2o rapidly
five. British isles g technology by which the trace drinking water that is present chain, such as dissolved water, can be removed properly.
six. Instinctive removing impurities method filtering via double FH trapezoidal network and absorbing by substantial polymer with out the mechanical energy
7. CZPT infrared liquid-amount automatic management technique to achieve fully automatic manage.
8. Specially used to vacuum oiling and drying for electricity transmission equipments.
nine. The oil of any grades can be handled possibly on- or off-load.
10. Special oil pump layout with reduced sounds.
11. Special additives for depolarization, can get well oil coloration of aged transformer oil to new, outfitted with versatile unloading unit of brief time, good performance small high quality. Discolor under vacuum can save price of treatment method, the squander impurities doesn’t pollute environment (it can be utilized to architecture and street pave)

Comparing with the one-phase vacuum oil purifier, this equipment can dewater, degas and gets rid of the impurities far more rapidly, much more entirely, and makes the oil BDV (Breakdown Voltage) of seventy five kV or increased. As the bridge-kind vacuum linking method that can purify and also can be an impartial vacuum electricity offer, this equipment can deal with the electric powered insulation devices.

Parameters Unit ZYD-I-30 ZYD-I-a hundred ZYD-I-a hundred and fifty ZYD-I-two hundred ZYD-I-250 ZYD-I-three hundred
Flow rate L/h 1800 6000 9000 12000 15000 18000
Working vacuum MPa -.08~-.099
Working pressure MPa ≤0.3
Temperature range ºC 20 ~ 80
Electrical power   3 ph 380V 60Hz (Or as needed)
Working noise dB(A) seventy five 75 75 80 80 80
Heating power kW 30 45 60 75 90 120
Total power kW 35.five fifty two.5 seventy one.4 86.five 102.5 135
Oil Inlet/Outlet   mm φ25 φ42 φ50 φ50 φ60 φ60
Excess weight Kg 600 1050 1400 1800 2000 2200
All round Size mm 1100 1200 1450 1600 1800 1900
Width mm 750 950 950 1100 1200 1200
Top mm 1350 1500 1650 1800 1900 1900

Guarantee Value

Item Device After treatment
Breakdown Voltage kV ≥75
Moisture content PPM ≤3
Gas content % ≤0.1
Impurity size micron ≤0.5 (no free carbon)
IFT dynes/cm ≥40
Acid value mg KOH/g ≤ 0.03
Dielectric loss factors tgδ(90ºC) ≤0.001
Color L ≤0.five

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Trustable technological and following sale serivece
one. Prolonged-expression warranty of two a long time.
2. Give best spare components at lower price tag (some for totally free).
3. Provide timely reply and specialized assistance.
four. If everything incorrect with the gear, we would give prompt response and provide remedy inside of 24 hrs.
five. If there is technological innovation, we would guide our customer to up grade.
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Double Stage Vacuum Fullers Earth Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant


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