Hydraulic Atos Pfe Pfed Vane Pump

Hydraulic Atos Pfe Pfed Vane Pump

one. ATOS PFE vane pump are set displacement-twelve-vane pump,
two. 2 and three cartridge layout with integral hydraulic balancing 4 for higher stress operation and extended provider daily life with low sounds degree.
3. Ideal for hydraulic oils according to DIN 51524 OR synthetic fluids have similar lubricating qualities.
4. These pumps are offered as one, several or with by means of-shaft configuration.
five. Mounting in accordance to SAE J744 CZPT.
six. Straightforward installation as inlet and outlet ports can be assembled in any of four relative positions.
7. Straightforward maintains as the pumping cartridge can be changed in a couple of minutes.
eight. Wide variety of displacements up to one hundred fifty cc/rev. Max. stress 210 bar .
nine. CZPT Vane Pump product as subsequent: 
PFE-21 series: PFE-21005, PFE-21006, PFE-21008, PFE-21571, PFE-21012, PFE-21016
PFE-31 sequence: PFE-31016, PFE-31571, PFE-31571, PFE-31036, PFE-31044,
PFE-41 collection: PFE-41571, PFE-41037, PFE-41045, PFE-41056, PFE-41070, PFE-41085
PFE-51 collection: PFE-51090, PFE-51110, PFE-51129, PFE-51150
PEF-61 sequence*: PFE-61160, PFE-61180, PFE-61200, PFE-61224
PEF-22 collection: PFE-22008, PFE-22571, PFE-22012
PEF-32 sequence: PFE-32571, PFE-32571, PFE-32036,  
PEF-42 series: PFE-42045, PFE-42056, PFE-42070, PFE-42085, 
PEF-52 sequence: PFE-52090, PFE-52110, PFE-52129, PFE-52150 
Double PFED collection:
PFED-32, PFED-forty two, PFED-forty three, PFED-fifty three, PFED-54

Hydraulic Atos Pfe Pfed Vane Pump

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