Komatsu Excavator Hydraulic Gear Pump, Excavator Pilot Pump

Komatsu Excavator Hydraulic Gear Pump, Excavator Pilot Pump

Komatsu Excavator CZPT Gear Pump,Excavator Pilot pump

CBGJ large-strain triple gear oil pump adopts floating side plate structure, featuring high performance, innovative structure, sensible efficiency, high performance, trustworthy working performance and powerful anti-pollution ability. This product uses a substantial force skeleton oil seal and a high force rubber seal to stop the oil pump from leaking below substantial load and high force functioning conditions. The substance is created of anti-use, large-toughness ductile iron can face up to the substantial pressure load of hydraulic gear underneath distinct operating conditions to avoid the prevalence of cracks. It is suited for hydraulic gear such as development equipment, lifting transportation and mining machinery, as a hydraulic energy CZPT.
Vast assortment of uses loaders, CZPTs, cranes, drilling rigs, fishing vessels, bulldozers, roadheaders and other fields. This merchandise has the characteristics of superior framework, large effectiveness, dependable performance, strong anti-pollution capability and handy routine maintenance. This item adopts higher toughness ductile iron to stand up to the large force of hydraulic equipment beneath different operating situations. The flange link has a diamond flange and a sq. flange, and the shaft finish type is divided into a flat crucial, a spline, and an involute spline connection, and the oil port sort is divided into one particular in two out and two in two out. All dimensions can be individually modified according to consumer specifications.

Substantial stress double pump:
CBGJ1016/1016, CBGJ1032/1032, CBGJ1040/1032, CBGJ1040/1040, CBGJ1040/1032, CBGJ2032/2032, CBGJ2040/2032, CBGJ2040/2040, CBGJ2050/2050, CBGJ2050/2040, CBGJ2063/2063, CBGJ2063/2050, CBGJ2063/ 2032, CBGJ2080/2080, CBGJ2080/2063, CBGJ2080/2050, CBGJ2080/2040, CBGJ2100/2100, CBGJ2100/2080, CBGJ2100/2063, CBGJ2100/2050, CBGJ3160/3100, CBGJ3160/3160, CBGJ3100/3100, CBGJ3140/3100, CBGJ3160 / 3160, CBGJ3100 / 571, CBGJ3100 / 571CBGJ3160 / 0016, CBGJ3160 / 0016, CBGJ2080 / 1016, CBGJ2080 / 571, CBGJ2040 / 571, CBGJ2040 / 0016, CBGJ2060 / 571, CBGJ2063 / 1016, CBZ2063 / 2063, CBZ2063 / 2040, CBZ2100/2100, CBZ2100/2080, CBZ2080/2063, CBZ2063/2050, CBZ2080/2040, CBZ2080/2080, CBZ2050/2050, CBZ2050/2040, CBZ2040/2040, CBZ2040/2032
 Triple equipment pump:
CBGJ2063/2050/2040, CBGJ2063/2050/2050, CBGJ2063/2040/2571, CBGJ2050/2050/2571, CBGJ2050/2040/2032, CBGJ2040/2040/2571, CBGJ2063/2040/2032, CBGJ2063/2040/2571, CBGJ2063/ fifty/forty, CBGJ2063/forty/32, CBGJ2032/2032/2032, CBGJ2063/40/twenty five, CBGJ2050/fifty/40, CBGJ2050/40/twenty five, CBGJ2050/2040/2032, CBZ2063/2040/2040, CBZ2063/2050/ 2050, CBZ2063/2050/2032, CBZ2063/2040/2040, CBZ2040/2032/2032, CBZ2063/2040/2032, CBZ2050/2040/2032, CBZ2063/2032/2032
     The previously mentioned single pump double pump, triple pump, multi pump can be arbitrarily mixed in between the versions, only a portion of the earlier mentioned desk can be merged according to user requirements.

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Komatsu Excavator Hydraulic Gear Pump, Excavator Pilot Pump

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