Polysaccharide Beverage Juice Reverse Osmosis Concentration Equipment

Polysaccharide Beverage Juice Reverse Osmosis Concentration Equipment

CZPTsaccharide beverage juice reverse osmosis concentration products

Reverse osmosis VS vacuum concentration
Advantage:There is no heating in the concentration procedure, no phase change in the materials and liquid, and lower vitality use. 
The efficiency of membrane focus is a lot increased than that of vacuum focus. The whole focus method is carried out at room temperature to avoid the homes of polysaccharides from altering thanks to higher temperature and the product received from membrane concentration has a stronger ability to scavenge DPPH free of charge radicals than vacuum concentration goods

Technological Process
Feed juice → high strain pump →RO membrane device → focus assortment and h2o separation sterilizer) use

Feed Pump
Large Stress Pump RO Membrane Membrane Housing Pressure Gauge Stream Meter Assembly Valve
Washing System Washing Pump Washing Tank
Pipes & Fitting

CZPTtric Handle System Control Panel PLC Programmable Large&Reduced Strain Change Conductivity Meter
CZPTtrical instrument Wire & cable
Optional items
Pure Drinking water Pump
juice Collection tank
Oxygen generator,Ozone Generator and Air compressor All-In-1
UV Sterilizer

Foods juice&beverage,Biologics,pharmaceutical market

CZPT parameters

Model Movement fee (L/h) Electrical power(KW) Water use performance RO membrane Dimension 
L X W X H(mm)
RO-500L 500 1.five ≥ 50% 4040 1650X630X1800
RO-750L 750 2.5 ≥ fifty% 4040 1870X630X1850
RO-1000L one thousand 2.five ≥ 50% 4040 1870X650X1850
RO-2000L 2000 three.five ≥ fifty% 4040 2440X650X1750
RO-3000L 3000 four ≥ 50% 4040 2440X620X1850
RO-5000L 5000 7.5 ≥ fifty% 8040 2000X900X1800
RO-6000L 6000 nine.five ≥ sixty% 8040 3000X900X1800
RO-8000L 8000 13.five ≥ sixty% 8040 3000×900×1800
RO-9000L 9000 fourteen ≥ 60% 8040 4000X900X1800
RO-10T 10T/H 19 ≥ 60% 8040 3000X900X1800
RO-12T 12T/H 19.five ≥ sixty% 8040 4000X900X1800
RO-15T 15T/H 23 ≥ sixty% 8040 4000X900X1950
RO-20T 20T/H 28 ≥ sixty% 8040 5000X900X1950
RO-30T 30T/H 55 ≥ sixty% 8040 7000X900X1950




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one. Q: What products you supply? 
    A: We are specialized in RO technique, EDI technique, UF system, Sewage drinking water treatment gear, and so on.
two. Q: What is the info you need just before purchase? 
    A1: what is your raw drinking water ? 
    A2: what is actually the capacity for every hour of the tools ? 
    A3: What’s the software of purifier water ?
three. Q: How prolonged is your shipping time?
    A: CZPTly it is 30 days, Relies upon on your undertaking.

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Polysaccharide Beverage Juice Reverse Osmosis Concentration Equipment


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