Rexroth Hydraulic Piston Pump Made in China

Rexroth Hydraulic Piston Pump Made in China

CZPT CZPT Piston Pump produced in china (A10VO100)

Brueninghaus Hydromatik CZPT A10VO pump
Collection 31 product: A10VO18, A10VO28, A10VO45, A10VO71, A10VO100, A10VO140
Collection 32 product: A10VO45, A10VO71, A10VO100, A10VO140, A10VO180
Collection 52 & fifty three design: A10VO10, A10VO18, A10VO28, A10VO45, A10VO63, A10VO85


Open up circuit
Manage devices: DR, DRG, DFR, DFR1, DFLR, ED, FHD and EF.
Nominal stress 280 bars. Peak force 350 bars.
– CZPT axial piston pump A10VO variable in swash plate design for hydrostatic transmissions in open loop circuit
– Movement is proportional to generate speed and displacement, by modifying the swash plate angle it is feasible to infinitely vary the flow
– Mounting flange acc. to SAE J744
– Flanged ports acc. to SAE J518
– 2 case drain ports
– Very good suction qualities
– Permissible functioning strain 280 bar
– Reduced noise amount
– Long service lifestyle
– Axial and radial loading of push shaft attainable
– Substantial electrical power to weight ratio
– Wide range of controls
-Quick response times
CZPT Knowledge Brueninghaus Hydromatik CZPT A10VO
Desk of values (theoretical values, with out performance and tolerances values rounded)

CZPT A10VO Displacement Max Pace [rpm] Circulation Weight
cm 3 /r [ in 3 /r] gpm [L/min] kg [lbs]
A10VO28DFR/31 28/one.71 3600 22.2/84 15/33
A10VO28DFR1/31 28/1.seventy one 3600 22.two/eighty four 15/33
A10VO28DR/31 28/one.71 3600 22.2/eighty four fifteen/33
A10VO28DRG/31 28/one.seventy one 3600 22.two/84 fifteen/33
A10VO28DFLR/31 28/1.71 3600 22.2/84 15/33
A10VO28ED/31 28/1.71 3600 22.2/eighty four 15/33
A10VO28FHD/31 28/one.seventy one 3600 22.two/eighty four 15/33
A10VO28EF/31 28/one.seventy one 3600 22.two/eighty four 15/33
A10VO45DFR/31 forty five/two.75 3100 30.nine/117 21/forty six
A10VO45DFR1/31 forty five/2.seventy five 3100 30.9/117 21/46
A10VO45DR/31 45/2.seventy five 3100 thirty.nine/117 21/46
A10VO45DRG/31 45/two.seventy five 3100 30.9/117 21/forty six
A10VO45DFLR/31 45/two.seventy five 3100 30.nine/117 21/forty six
A10VO45ED/31 forty five/2.seventy five 3100 30.nine/117 21/forty six
A10VO45FHD/31 45/2.seventy five 3100 thirty.9/117 21/forty six
A10VO45EF/31 45/two.75 3100 30.nine/117 21/forty six
A10VO71DFR/31 71/four.33 2600 forty one.2/156 33/73
A10VO71DFR1/31 seventy one/four.33 2600 41.two/156 33/seventy three
A10VO71DR/31 71/4.33 2600 forty one.2/156 33/73
A10VO71DRG/31 seventy one/4.33 2600 41.2/156 33/seventy three
A10VO71DFLR/31 seventy one/four.33 2600 41.2/156 33/73
A10VO71ED/31 seventy one/four.33 2600 41.2/156 33/seventy three
A10VO71FHD/31 71/4.33 2600 forty one.two/156 33/seventy three
A10VO71EF/31 71/four.33 2600 41.two/156 33/73
A10VO100DFR/31 100/six.1 2400 fifty two.8/two hundred forty five/99
A10VO100DFR1/31 a hundred/6.1 2400 52.eight/two hundred 45/ninety nine
A10VO100DR/31 one hundred/ 2400 52.eight/200 45/ninety nine
A10VO100DRG/31 a hundred/six.1 2400 52.8/200 45/ninety nine
A10VO100DFLR/31 100/6.1 2400 fifty two.8/two hundred forty five/99
A10VO100ED/31 100/6.1 2400 52.eight/200 forty five/99
A10VO100FHD/31 100/ 2400 fifty two.eight/200 45/99
A10VO100EF/31 100/6.1 2400 52.eight/200 45/99
A10VO140DFR/31 140/8.fifty four 2100 22.2/eighty four 60/132
A10VO140DFR1/31 one hundred forty/8.fifty four 2100 22.two/eighty four 60/132
A10VO140DR/31 140/8.fifty four 2100 22.two/eighty four 60/132
A10VO140DRG/31 one hundred forty/eight.fifty four 2100 22.two/eighty four sixty/132
A10VO140DFLR/31 a hundred and forty/8.54 2100 22.2/eighty four 60/132
A10VO140ED/31 140/eight.54 2100 22.two/eighty four sixty/132
A10VO140FHD/31 a hundred and forty/8.54 2100 22.two/eighty four 60/132
A10VO140EF/31 140/eight.54 2100 22.2/eighty four sixty/132


Rexroth Hydraulic Piston Pump Made in China

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