RTV2 Electronic Potting Liquid Rubber Silicone for Encapsulation Coating

RTV2 Electronic Potting Liquid Rubber Silicone for Encapsulation Coating

                          HY-9055 CZPTtronic Potting Compound
HY-9055 is a kind of reduced viscosity, Inherent flame resistance, two elements addtion cured potting silicone with heat-conducting. It cures with each on room temperature and heated temperature. It has the attribute of the increased temperature the more rapidly of the curing time. 

HY-9055 is ideal for bonded seal of electronic components, electricity module and control module, LED invertor potting, and many others which requires water-resistant and insulation. It can be broadly employed for LED monitor, Wind Electrical power Generator, PCB, substrate, etc. 

CZPT Parameters  

Design Shade Viscosity (cps) Hardness (A°) Mixing ratio Running
Time(hr, 25ºC)
Thermal conductivity
dielectric toughness(kV/mm) dielectric constant(one.2MHz) Volume resistivity.cm) coefficient of linear enlargementm/(m.k) flame retardation
HY-9571 Grag 500±500 25±5 one:one thirty~60 4~five ≥0.2 ≥25 three.-three.3 ≥1.0×10*sixteen ≤2.2×10*-4 ninety four-V0
HY-9045 Grag 2500±500 45±5 one:1 30~60 4~5 ≥0.2 ≥25 3.-3.3 ≥1.0×10*16 ≤2.2×10*-4 94-V0
HY-9055 Grag 3000±500 55±5 1:1 thirty~sixty 4~5 ≥0.2 ≥25 3.-three.three ≥1.0×10*16 ≤2.2×10*-4 ninety four-V0
HY-9300 Water clear 1800±800 / 1:one 1~two twelve~fourteen ≥0.2 ≥25 three.-3.three ≥1.0×10*16 ≤2.2×10*-4 ninety four-V0
HY-9305 Water distinct 500±100 5±3 one:1 thirty~sixty four~5 ≥0.2 ≥25 3.-three.three ≥1.0×10*16 ≤2.2×10*-four ninety four-V0
HY-9310 Drinking water obvious 500±100 10±3 one:one 30~sixty four~five ≥0.two ≥25 three.-3.three ≥1.0×10*16 ≤2.2×10*-four ninety four-V0
HY-9320 Drinking water obvious 1000±100 20±3 1:1 30~60 four~5 ≥0.two ≥25 3.-3.3 ≥1.0×10*16 ≤2.2×10*-4 94-V0
HY-9330 Drinking water distinct 500±100 30±3 one:1 30~60 4~five ≥0.two ≥25 3.-three.3 ≥1.0×10*16 ≤2.2×10*-4 ninety four-V0
HY-210 Clear 1800±800 15±3 10:1 30~60 four~5 ≥0.2 ≥25 three.-three.3 ≥1.0×10*sixteen ≤2.2×10*-4 94-V0
HY-215 Black/ Light-weight yellow/ Purple brown 2500±800 15±3 10:1 sixty~120 6~twelve ≥0.2 ≥25 3.-three.three ≥1.0×10*sixteen ≤2.2×10*-4 ninety four-V0

(Pls observe: the above info for this item in twenty five ºC temperature, 55 % humidity situations, for reference. The accurate data is calculated by buyers when employing.)

Complex XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.Traces
1, Standard Software
HY-9055 could be applied to
– large powered electronics,  
– DC/DC module and circuit board which demands heat dissipation and higher temperature resistance.
– It can be broadly utilised for LED screen, Wind Power Generator, PCB substrate, etc. Pls set portion A and component B in individual container and stir evenly before mixing the two portion with each other.

2, Mixing Ratio: portion A: part B = one:1 

3, Deaeration the mixture in vacuum pump beneath .08 MPa for 3-5 minutes.Then the combination could be employed for pouring.

four, Pls observe that the thickness of the silicone has an effect on the curing time. If the silicone utilized is a little thick,then the curing time will be a little lengthier.The temperature also affects the curing time.When in reduced temperature, we advise clients correctly warmth the combination to accelerate vulcanization. With temperature of 80~100ºC, the silicone will cure in 15 minutes although in 25ºC room temperature, the silicone will heal all around 8 hours.

1.The adhering to substance might hinder the curing of HY-9055, so pls use right after the take a look at. When needed, pls clear the application locations.
Organotin compound or Condensation silicone with organotin
Sulphur, sulfide and sulfur rubber supplies.
Amine compounds as properly as includes the amine components.
Pewters solder flux
two. HY-9055 should be sealed storage.The combination must be employed up disposably to keep away from triggering waste.
three. HY-9055 belongs to non-harmful goods, but keep absent from mouth and eyes.
four. When it gets stratified right after a period of storage, Remember to blend it evenly before utilizing,which does not have an effect on the efficiency.
20Kg/pail as a set (Component A 10Kg + Part B 10Kg) 


  1. Twelve(twelve) months when saved at 25C in tightly shut CZPT offers.


  1. This sort of product is non-unsafe merchandise, which could be transported as common chemical substances.

three. Storage beyond the expired day does not necessarily indicate that the solution is no lengthier usable. In this circumstance even so, the qualities necessary for the intended use have to be checked for quality assurance motives.

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RTV2 Electronic Potting Liquid Rubber Silicone for Encapsulation Coating


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