Stainless Steel Vacuum Forced Circulating Evaporator

Stainless Steel Vacuum Forced Circulating Evaporator


Compelled circulation evaporator is suited for scaling, crystal, thermal sensitivity(low temperature), substantial density, large viscosity raw content, and the evaporation water insoluble solids this sort of as chemical, foodstuff, pharmaceutical, environmental safety engineering, squander water evaporation recycling market.

Functioning principle
Forced circulation evaporator rely on external drive–circulating pump. The circulation pace can be 1.five-3.5meters/CZPTs. The heat efficiency and manufacturing potential is huge, the raw material solvent from down elements to up components by circulation pump. It flows alongside the pipe to the heating chamber, then the steam and liquid will be divided at the chamber, the steam will go out from up elements, the liquid will circulation at the base of the chamber. It will be pumper by circulation pump again, it is again pumped to heating pipe, the heating chamber has horizontal and vertical framework, the liquid stream speed is managed by pump. According to distinct circulation liquid inlet and outlet of separating chamber, it can divides to typical circulation evaporator and compelled circulation evaporator. The inlet portion of circulation liquid earlier mentioned the outlet portion is referred to as normal circulation, oppositely, it is pressured circulation.

Principal characteristics
one. The construction of whole system layout is reasonable and stunning, secure procedure, large efficiency and vitality saving, minimal steam use.
2. Concentration ratio, forced circulation type, so that the viscosity liquid can be simply flow and evaporated. And it is evaporated during short time.
3. Unique design via straightforward procedure can be understood, can be employed for manufacturing of various goods.
4. Low evaporation temperature, heat is totally utilized, the liquid can be heated and concentrated warmly, it is appropriate for heat sensitive components.
five. The evaporator is heated by the forced circulation pump, so its warmth evenly in the tube, the heat transfer coefficient is good which can avert the “wall” phenomenon.
6. The liquid enters the separator to individual, to reinforce the separation effect, make the total unit has a vast operating selection.
7. The comprehensive set of equipment has the positive aspects of compact composition, little occupation location, easy and smooth format, it demonstrates the development of huge variety of complete evaporating system.
eight. Constant feeding and discharging, liquid degree and the necessary concentration can be managed by automatically.


Stainless Steel Vacuum Forced Circulating Evaporator


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