WTMX-500L Sealant Mixer Silicone Sealant Mixer

WTMX-500L Sealant Mixer Silicone Sealant Mixer

Multifunctional Dispersing and Mixing CZPT is a kind of gear mixing powerfully at high and minimal velocity. It is relevant for mixing, reacting, dissolving, dispersing strong-liquid, liquid-liquid content in the fields of chemical sector, light sector, food market, pharmaceutical business, development materials sector, pesticides industry and so on. such as producing mucilage glue, silicon-keton sealing glue, polyurethane glue, acrylic plastic, automible sealing glue, encapsulation glue, ointment and paste material, lubricating grease and paint, paste beauty, ink and paint emulsion, paste foods and additive and many others.

II. Doing work Basic principle, Framework and Attribute
The machine applies unique mixing construction: material basket is set, in the middle mixing blade pushes bottom substance up and wall material toward the centre with grinding wall and shifting at low velocity. In the two sides are substantial velocity dispersing and mixing devices that split up and disperse material promptly, their velocity is adjustable, so that material can be totally compounded by means of dispersing and mixing equipment moving at substantial and low pace and strongly trimming and nipping collectively. The equipment is mechanical sealing so that air bubble can be pumped out.
The machine consists of large-low velocity motor, reducer, transmission circumstance, hydraulic pole, bearing mount, best go over, substance basket, base, electronic control circumstance and hydraulic station. Transmission scenario can go up and down right after becoming pushed by hydraulic pole. Basket can be moved due to the fact there are wheels beneath it.


1.Power provide: a few-period AC 380V50Hz.

two.Motor electricity: 22kw-6p (Siemens bader motor), BLD6# cycloid reducer (HangZhou reducer manufacturing unit, with circulating oil pump).

3.Layout quantity:500L.

4.Major substance:SUS304.

5.Stirring shaft quantity: three (two with F4 bottom scraping)

6.Quantity of wall cutters: one (F4), large distance bearing layout, independent fulcrum, adjustable wall Angle.

seven.Mixing method: multi-layer insert blade (spacing seven ~ 10mm).

eight.Stirring shaft pace (rotation) : 8~72/78r PM.

9.Rotational velocity (revolution) : 5~42rpm.:five~42rpm.

10.Materials temperature measurement: no temperature measurement system.

eleven.Mixing velocity regulation: frequency conversion speed regulation (HangZhou eckert frequency converter).

twelve.CZPT technique of kettle protect: hydraulic double column gantry, lifting stroke:880mm.


14.Ф VAT specifics: the net dimension 900 x 800, VAT/base flange, within the barrel wall and massive vertical lathe machining wonderful processing, after the barrel substance: SUS304, barrel with circular stainless metal jacket, created-in carbon steel seamless guiding unit, ZG3 inch of quick before discharging mouth (with nylon plug), still left a G1 inch after jacketed cooling drinking water in and out of the interface, content: SUS304. 4 6-inch CZPTican auburn yellow nylon load-bearing casters at the base, with the barrel in the middle at the base for pushing and positioning.

15.Positioning approach of the barrel :(1). Push positioning (remaining and correct restrict, clearance ~ 2mm) is established among the base middle of the barrel and the bottom plate, (2).The rear part is positioned with a semicircular backrest (rear restrict), and each sides are offered with movable screw locking and tightening(3).The higher protect is presented with the positioning of the whole ring of clamping situation and the interior diameter of the barrel (heart positioning, precision 1mm, patent).

16.Include opening recommendations:Dn100/one hundred twenty observation port two groups (DN100 with low voltage lamp), G1 inch outer wire vacuum port G1 “outer wire inlet G1 “exterior the wire set everything (with chain safeguard) Ф 60 vacuum gauge, G1 is one particular inch silk spare mouth exterior.

seventeen.Guidelines for electrical control cupboard: control the mixing motor, frequency converter, hydraulic station motor, solenoid valve, low-force type observation lamp at the viewport The increase and drop is managed by stroke, and the cupboard is geared up with air-cooled gadget, ammeter, voltmeter, metering meter, alarm and emergency stop button.

18.Safety interlock description:A. Only following the include is reduced in area, can stirring be commenced (the buzzer prompts). B. The sealing include cannot be lifted below the point out of stirring. C. Right after climbing, stirring does not work. D. Protect lifting and lifting are managed by adjustable stroke and cease immediately when in area.

19.Other directions: each mixer has two buckets, the part in speak to with the material is stainless metal SUS304 (excluding vacuum pump).

twenty.Description of add-ons: every mixer is equipped with 1 set of F4 scraper, four spare CZPT casters and two spare d-shaped silicone rings.

21.Total dimension of equipment mm:2150×1150×3150(static),CZPTtric handle box dimensions:1200×750×420,CZPT station:600×450×880.

22.Excess weight of equipment Kg:4200.

WTMX-500L Sealant Mixer Silicone Sealant Mixer


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